Jones is Thirsty Well Project in Cambodia
No-Snobbery Wine Education is what I do, but Jones Is Thirsty also exists to help fight true thirst—both physical and spiritual.

Neverthirst’s mission is simple: To advance the gospel through clean water worldwide. But their aim is much higher. Neverthirst seeks to change the lives of people on both sides of this transaction. Neverthirst currently has projects in India, Cambodia, South Sudan, and Sudan.

Our current goal? Build a well for an entire Cambodian village.

Neverthirst: How This Works
In a world of over 7 billion people, almost 1 billion are living without access to clean, safe drinking water.

Today, you have the opportunity to change the lives of some of those people by helping us provide water for a village in Cambodia.

But it's not all about clean drinking water. By giving through this page, you are helping local churches bring this clean drinking water to their community. Local churches serving in some of the most difficult places on earth.

Once this project is fully funded, your gift will be sent to implementing water partners on the ground who are working in cooperation with local churches. After the project is complete, images, stories and other great information from the community we helped will be sent back to you.

So thank you for joining us in our effort to bring clean and living water to millions around the world!


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